The next name to inverter is the heart, being the very heart of the solar energy system it utilizes the d/c direct current in your batteries and covert them to a/c current and since most appliance In this part of the world uses 200-250 volts. Unless otherwise you can afford to make your entire appliance d/c powered appliance which is very rear today. So Inverter is simply inevitable in solar system installation and the good thing is that when connected to the national grid or a/c generator, it charges your batteries with the inbuilt computerized technology embedded in it. Just as the stand alone solar panel system charges your batteries through the power of the sun

There are basically three type of power inverter; Square wave power inverter, modified sine wave and pure sine wave power inverter

Square wave power inverter; This is the cheapest and most inefficient type of power inverter and We never recommends this type of power inverter for any home or office it’s usually less than five hundred watts.

Modified sine wave power inverter; This can also be called quasi-sine wave inverter this type of inverter is usually not too expensive and it can work with almost all appliance except some demanding applications like inductive current appliance like timer, motto appliances etc. but it is a popular and economical type of power inverter the a/c wave form it produces is somewhere between square wave and pure sine wave but even at that We only recommends true or pure sine wave type of power inverters because they remain the best and just the best.

True or pure sine wave power inverters; The pure sine wave power inverter is so far the best type of power inverter, practically all type of a/c appliance or equipment's works with this power inverter , The a/c wave in produces is more cleaner than the national utility grid itself, though it’s more expensive We strongly recommends this pure sine wave power inverter because it truly worth the cost, looking also at the computerized and automatic features embedded in it that makes it very simple and safe to use.